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Welcome to Martial Arts University
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After School 2014-2015







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Capoeira Team!

Saturdays @ 3:00pm (ages 6+)

with Instructor Humberto Passos

is a
Brazilian art  that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance.
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August Promotions  

  Karate-do Yellow

Omar DePalm, Nathan Newhouse, Joey Leblanc, Liam Mason, Jeffery Burke, Edwardo Hernandez

Karate-do Orange

Elaina Colon, Brian Holman, Melissa Tackett, Heather Baker, Katherine Casteneda

Karate-do Purple

Eli Breitzig, AJ Auman, & John Hunter

MMA Yellow

Travis Rembrandt, Katherine Casteneda, Macy Tackett, Logan Castellon, Kayden Block.

MMA Orange

Nolan Byers, Evan Byers, Alijah Santiago, Dominick Dantona, Scott Klein, Cody Klein, D.J Locke, Cody Klein

MMA Green

Marnie McClain, Cameron Klein, Nicholas Ortiz

MMA Blue

Manny Cornetta

Krav Maga Yellow

Jeff Gosnell Sr, Michael Montoya, Zach Rachel, Tom Rachel, Pat Johnson

Muay Thai Green

Stephanie Rei, Zach Dence, Jordan Dence,Ben Rivera, James Grispo Dodie Polcaro

BJJ Yellow

DJ Locke, Marnie McClain

BJJ Blue

Manny Cornetta


Brendan Teblum- Bowman, Eli Breitzig-Bowman, Sebastian Murphy-Bowman, Danae Teblum Archer,Talee Leeper- Archer Adam Carey- Archer, Mathew Lawrence- Archer, Evan Byers- Expert, Rayna Patterson-Expert, Ben Rivera- Expert, Robert Aberdeen- Master.



After School Program!

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Deputy Jeffrey Santella

lectures to Grace Church kids on

personal safety




[ No contracts or inflated promotional fees. Cross Training in up to (10) Martial Arts styles to “expert” levels.

[ “Private school” format limits enrollment, elevating the standard of teaching through one on one attention.  1:12 ratios with five separate age groups.

[ Emphasis on “Character Development and survival” Not just trophies and belts. Producing motivated, respectful citizens in a safe manner.

[  The most extensive “Black Belt” instructor program being currently recognized by 6 Masters from different styles.

[ A scholarship program to insure that wealth never interferes with someone’s desire to learn our art.

[7,000 sq. ft. full time facility open over 60 hours weekly. Full size MMA Cage and 36X36 matt area.

[ A unique system of Martial Arts that requires only a short amount of time to become “street worthy” in any situation.

 Martial Arts University does not simply mix styles; we have a proven systematic blend that is GUARANTEED to make you street worthy in a short amount of time. Our curriculum is similar to a " Police Academy": legal issues, weapons, verbal skills, etc. Our primary interests are character & survival, not belts & trophies. In the last 25 years, we have successfully trained over 10,000 students of all ages and abilities.

A large number of our students have trained before, some have even earned Black Belts. It takes a special school to attract experienced Martial Artists. We are that special school. We at Martial Arts University regularly have students who travel over an hour to our school. In our 25-year history, we have had 2 gentlemen move to S.W. Florida for our training.

What we teach at Martial Arts University is a system not a singular style of martial arts. 

  • We cross train in many styles, so that we can become well rounded martial artists and be able to deal with any situation. 
  • We learn the concepts and attributes of each style and apply them in a scientific way to street survival. 
  • We learn all combat ranges, from long range weaponry to close range groundwork. 
  • We learn to deal with any sort of fighter, from a boxer to a bar room brawler, from a street punk to the school bully. 
  • This is all taught with integrity and philosophies to promote a positive lifestyle.

Martial Arts University offers a variety of Training Programs , Online Store for secure purchasing of uniforms and training gear, and See Our Videos through our Members Area. For more specific information about Martial Arts University, please visit School Instructors pages, or Contact Us directly.

Although we honor Martial Arts traditions that go back centuries, we are dynamic and are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to enthuse and excite our students.

Concealed Weapons Classes for $99 Every Weekend

 “Read the article “Is a GUN right for me?, by Shihan Jeff Santella, click here”

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